Hancock maakt 'wereldalbum'

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Verkadehuis will close his doors

verkadehuisBecause of an argument with the brewer and without the support from local politics, after eighteen years the jazz stage of Roosendaal het Verkadehuis stops existing. The owner Peter Kesseler is broken up about it, but he thinks it’s the right decision: ‘I am done.’

Election important for cultural interests

What does elections have to do with jazz? And with The Hague Jazz? Several parties want to cut back on culture and maybe even stop with grants. Several projects are in danger. Think about: festivals, theatres, cinema’s, museums, region television and radio. The Hague jazz is part of culture. Parties like: PVV, VVD, SGP and Trots op Nederland are very critical and sceptical about the subsidies that counties give to culture and the pop scene.